Tuesday, August 31, 2010

puling the engine

done, well on the floor

got the engine and trans out of the frame. Now to strip the funky old paint, I got the hook up for free bead blasting. I just have to take it there on a weekend.

Bring on a new month

Building the power plant for the "BEAST" with Chris 2007
I am ready for August to come to an end. I'm a year older a bike lighter and ready to get started on my winter projects. Only three weeks until the Too Much Fun Club Coastal Reunion, my last overnighter for the summer. It should be a blast I know last year was...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A flame bob clone might be cool. I got these factory custom  tanks for nothing and have no idea what they are worth, any ideas?

Sofia wanted to ham it up a bit


I've been playing with the 79 today, got it almost down to the frame. I thought I would try out my 80 fxwg flame bob tanks on it, fucking cool if you ask me.
fixed my blog title. It's amazing that I have a collage education and still cant spell, thanks for the heads up mom.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

here is some pic's of my dad back in the good old days

welcome to my blog


I figured I would give this a try and maybe document some of my motorcycle exploits. I am just starting to tear down my 79 fxe to see what it is going to take to get her running again.
 My son Cole is ready to tear her down, got to start them off right and early.