Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Belden run

      I went to Belden and all I got was this bandanna, well I actually won all kinds of cool shit in the raffle but I gave most of it away. I ended up with some Biltwel grips and bandanna well worth it. I didn't take a single picture but I was there to party not document it.
      The pan was all packed up and ready to go but when I fired her up I heard a noise in the tranny, it was coming out of the kick cover and I was not going to chance it (who wants to take a chance on turning a $30 problem into a $400 problem). So I unpacked it and loaded up the roadglide; fuck it, it ain't cool but it runs great and I know it will get me home. I left Friday night met up with Lou Foo and Johnny Electric in Cordilla. We headed to Dixon for dinner and Jaffe Joe caught up with us. It was almost midnight and we had to get to Bryan's house. Lou's bike crapped out 6 miles before Bryan's and we had to go get a trailer and fetch it. lets just say that was a good sign of what was to come. Three hours of sleep on the front lawn later and we where up and ready to go. The days ride was eventful to say the least I was there and helped out the best I could with 5 breakdowns and one wreck. Eventually all of the bikes got fixed or loaded up and the wreck although serious no one got hurt ( the dude laid his bike down in a turn doing 60mph hit a small pine tree, twisted his springer up and landed in the only soft patch on the road right between two trees ). The party was great and the ride home Sunday with my dad was nice and quiet.
        Now I have to look at the Pan and see what the problem is. Got to get it ready for October and the Dethtrap's party.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Got the new Horse

Low and behold my pan managed to get in the Born Free coverage twice, Fucking Cool!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Flying Irons Horseshoe Tournament and Bike Show ~ August 2011


there are some pics from Mark. He took the camera with him to the event. No horseshoe throwin' though. He was more interested in the bikes. Go there and check them out.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekend round-up

         I left home around nine o'clock to meet up with the boys.  I got to my first gas stop in Petaluma a little early but Johnny "Electric" was there ready to go.  On our way to his friend Bob's house I noticed his shovel was smoking and then noticed the reason why that was.  His rear push-rod cover was squirting oil up from the lifter block to the exhaust pipe.  So over to the nearest parking lot we went.  Bad o-rings were to blame (should have had corks but what ever).  We got it to seal up and to Bob's we went.  He was just putting his derby cover back on his Pan, new clutch plates before the ride.  A little behind schedule but a phone call or two and we had it straitened out.
       Lou Foo was waiting for us at a local coffee shop in Santa Rosa.  We rolled in to town with out any more problems.  We got a chance to hang out there, look our bikes over an check out the other guys bikes before we took off to meet up with our last member Jaffe Joe.
      Riding down the River road Johnny "Electric" gives me the sign that his bike is dead so over to the side of the road we go.  A couple of minuets later with his seat off we figure out he has a burnt wire.  By then Bob and  Lou Foo show back up, Bob had a spare wire in his too kit. wham bam and some electrical tape back on the road we go.
      We got to Jaffe Joe's, man he has a great place on the Russian river.  He had been having carb issues which turned into a major problem (his bike wouldn't start).  He and every one including me tried to get that fucker to fire it just wouldn't. Meanwhile I fired up his arc welder and fixed a broken bracket on Johnny's bike.  The beer was cold and we had nowhere to be so we stuck it out.  Jaffe Joe got his bike to run and off to lunch we went.  Barley and Hops in Occidental sounded good so we roared off through the hills chasing a hamburger.
        If you know Occidental you know there is NO gas station, so going there on a whim with skinny tank bikes is fun but a dangerous idea.  Luckily it's a town with plenty of nice people.  Just as we where discussing how we where to find a couple of gallons of petrol the shop owner next door offered us some gas (ended up being enough to top all the bikes off).  Like I said nice people.
        Most of the boys went south after lunch (which ended around four) Jaffe Joe and I went north towards Jenner, where we parted ways. I continued on to Point Arena where I met up with Trevor and Jerry who had both just arrived at the bar. Where we carried on way into the night and the wee hours of the morning.
       Sunday morning Jerry had to go north to Oregon and I headed south for home.  Trevor came along for part of the ride home stopping just shy of Jenner to head back home himself.  I finished the last part of my ride the way I started all by my onesies.
      Timing is every thing, I would have liked to have been in Pt. Arena earlier, and have the boys make the journey up the coast with me, had less bike trouble but then the story wouldn't be the same would it.  I had a great weekend, spent time with some great guys, made new friends and got to know other ones better. Maybe I'll try to do it again the same time next year and "you" could add to the story.

at the house, ready to leave

Meeting Lou Foo

Jeffe Joe's

Johnny "Electric"

Trevor an me stopped along the ocean to watch the waves

on the road home

It's all down hill from here.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Hittin' the road tomorrow

going up the north coast to Point Arena for the night, I'll try and take some pictures.

Been working on my old truck

A year ago my neighbor sideswiped my 65 ford on her way for another bottle of what ever rot gut booze she was drinking. I finally got around to straitening out and painting it, its not the best job (I had the paint shop put the paint in a spray can) I was feeling lazy. It came out good enough for now.
   Now I just need a new bumper. Any one have one?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Had a glass of inspiration last night...

and decided to get out my striping brush. I went after a helmet I had hanging around.

I decided on a design and went after it.

I think it came out well, the wife said "both sides should match" I disagree.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

really old rags...

I was reading through a couple of old mags and found every thing from suction cup tires to good old racist advertisements.

1943 country life mag, that's how you sell a scope  to a war time public.

I want these on my Pan.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dice Panhead& Old S.T.F. Knuckelhead


home from the Philo, only went for one night but We had a blast.
    Dad rode his 56 and the wife and I took the 64. Saddle sore and full of good booze and great food, I'm glad we made the trip.

there was try tip in that hole but it was just too good to photograph

Friday, August 5, 2011

Ready for the Philo

spent today chasing down a new tent for tomorrow

Told the wife we're packing light. Don't think she believed me.

All packed up, gas then go.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weekend plans

We are going to go and see what its all about. It looks and sounds like a great time.

Monday, August 1, 2011

O.C.M.D...(obsessive compulsive motorcycle disorder)

         As diagnosed by my wife. I keep telling her that I'm trying to get it under control but that wouldn't be much fun would it.
         I have pans on the brain tonight.