Wednesday, June 27, 2012

1/2 a day to go...

Took the 59 for a real shake down ride today. Smoked a little, the chrome molly rings hadn't seated completely but by the time I made it home it was looking better. Got to readjust the valves but it's a runner.

one of my favorite spots to take pictures 

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

2 Days to go....

    Got some carburetor issues but I rode the 59 last night, lots of power. I might switch out the MIC for something more in my wheelhouse.
    This stuff never changes here are a couple of old pictures from 25 years ago. My dad in the polka-dot hat.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

3 more days to go...

I got a late start this morning. Staying up till midnight fucking with this bike and then watching a little TV with a night cap until one-thirty isn't very conducive to a early start. I finally got after it, buttoned up the top end again. No leaks around the heads just the middle corks on the push rod tubes. They just need to soak up some oil and seat themselves. Still have to go for a ride but the stationary brake in is looking good.

4 Days to go....

I got the 59 all buttoned up today, man it looks sweet That old girl Fired right up and sounds strong. During the "proper" brake in I noticed oil in the middle of some fins, just like before I took it apart (same place on both heads). While it was running I looked closer and saw little bubbles coming out of a hairline crack on both heads I could not see them before but now that they have been properly cleaned shit just appears. Lucky for me I got this 51 engine just sitting there with the right heads on it. Off they came and on the 59 the go. I swear come hell of high water I'll make BF4 with it...

Friday, June 22, 2012

5 Days and counting...

   Got some pistons came two days ago, They where way too tall. The guy at S&S sent stock 74" pistons instead of stroker ones. A few calls phone calls and a conversation with Mike at Old S.T.F, I got the right part number. My local shop had them sent overnight and I got them today.
    We got the jugs on and the heads finger tight tonight tomorrow the rest. We will see if this beast can be kicked over 84" stroker 9.5-1 I think. Ill have to do a compression test and see what I'm up against.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Count Down....

    15 days left till I head south for born free 4. I should have every thing buttoned up and broke in but like usual  I still have a bike tore apart on the lift.
    The 59 is still waiting on pistons, I have never had a problem getting parts from our local Ma&Pa bike shop except for these dam pistons. I have called them, gone down there and they assured me it was taken care of but when I called yesterday I got the old I'll order them now and have them in three days.... We'll see.
    My 64 has a exhaust valve that needs to be re-seated in the rear head (my fault for not doing it while I had it apart) but my back is trashed and just on the mend. I'm not going to chance putting it out again before the trip so it'll have to run like it is.
    Procrastination isn't it grand....

Fuckin bikes, you gotta love'em

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Back to the beginning

     Back in June of 2000 I moved back to California from Montana. The timing was perfect I wanted to make the Redwood Run (the Redwood run is best described as one of the last old bike runs up in the redwoods of northern California it's been going since 77 or so). I arrived here in my 65 f100 with everything I owned, unpacked the truck and loaded the bike up for the run. For the next five years it seamed like everything revolved around this run,it was the official start to our summer riding, I was set up with my wife one year, proposed to her on another one. The cost had gone through the roof it went from seventy-five bucks to one hundred-thirty plus and we had a couple of kids. My friends started to go up past the main party, just camp, party and ride some of the most beautiful roads Ca has to offer. I just stopped going until this year they finally talked me into going, I'm glad I did. I only went for Friday night but the weather was perfect and the trip home was what I needed. The north coast can be a cold foggy mess but yesterday it was clear and sunny with a good tail wind. It was one of those rare days, the cars pulled over to let us pass when we even saw one it was like we had the road to ourselves. I took a couple of pictures with my new phone and tweaked my back again but it was all worth while.

We found this old bar Dante's Hotel. check out the porch
the rest of the bar was in the same shape

The main camp

My spot up above

can you say FXRKNUCKEVO

Saturday, June 2, 2012

What this is all about...

   It's been slow waiting for my new stroker pistons around here. We took the kids camping last weekend, no bike stuff but all good fun.
   This weekend is a whole different story. My buddy Pat called me up to see if I could help out his brother with this 65 he just picked up. I'm always down to help out a friend and these guys are the best, they would bend over backwards to help you out. I wont go into what the main problem was that's Russ's story to tell.... After we got the old girl to run there was a couple of minor tweaks that needed to be made. The apes on it where cut in half and the internal throttle wasn't fast enough on the return for the jocky shift setup. I had some bits on the wall to fix it, Z-bars and a outside throttle. While we had the tanks off it was decided that the 5 gal's had to go and I had a set of 3.5's in metallic grey hanging around. Russ got them on, a little gass and he was ready for the maiden ride. By the time he made it back it was all smiles, cold beer and lots of laughs. You can't beet helping out good people that's what this stuff is all about.

Got it to start so we took it apart to change it up some

It's blurry but it's back together with the new tanks and bars