Friday, May 6, 2011

all waxed up...

and nothing to do.
     I spent the day with my dad, getting him motivated. His 56 still needed to get a carb put on it. He got the tanks off and found out the right one was cracked and brazed it (all fixed now). He has to make a throttle cable bracket for the new Bendix and it should be done. I spent most of my time watching him work and cleaning the surface rust off of the chrome. After I finished up with his bike I went to work shining mine back up, not much to it.
     I heard that there was going to be a bike and car show down town tonight, WRONG, but I wasn't the only one that showed up. A half dozen cars showed. I decided to go for a put around the marina with my daughter instead.

me and my girl, Memorial day 2007

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