Saturday, July 23, 2011

Friday night dooins

Home from a run on the pan to Petaluma. On my way up I had a guy on a pan make a u turn and run me down to see what I was riding. He decided what I had planed was way more fun than going home, so he came with me to meet up with some more guys on old junk. We ran around Petaluma looking for a place to eat, the funny thing was every where we stopped just stopped serving food (humm). We finally found some good food and a beer or two; I wish I had brought my camera the hoard of old bikes on the median ( directly under the NO motorcycle parking sign ) was way cool. After that we met up with the Biltwell crew at the local KOA made a midnight lap through there. Those of us who weren't staying the night were asked by management to "quietly as we can" leave. It was a great time thanks Marc for the invite and I think my straggler I picked up had a great time ( I think he stayed for the night ).

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