Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Belden run

      I went to Belden and all I got was this bandanna, well I actually won all kinds of cool shit in the raffle but I gave most of it away. I ended up with some Biltwel grips and bandanna well worth it. I didn't take a single picture but I was there to party not document it.
      The pan was all packed up and ready to go but when I fired her up I heard a noise in the tranny, it was coming out of the kick cover and I was not going to chance it (who wants to take a chance on turning a $30 problem into a $400 problem). So I unpacked it and loaded up the roadglide; fuck it, it ain't cool but it runs great and I know it will get me home. I left Friday night met up with Lou Foo and Johnny Electric in Cordilla. We headed to Dixon for dinner and Jaffe Joe caught up with us. It was almost midnight and we had to get to Bryan's house. Lou's bike crapped out 6 miles before Bryan's and we had to go get a trailer and fetch it. lets just say that was a good sign of what was to come. Three hours of sleep on the front lawn later and we where up and ready to go. The days ride was eventful to say the least I was there and helped out the best I could with 5 breakdowns and one wreck. Eventually all of the bikes got fixed or loaded up and the wreck although serious no one got hurt ( the dude laid his bike down in a turn doing 60mph hit a small pine tree, twisted his springer up and landed in the only soft patch on the road right between two trees ). The party was great and the ride home Sunday with my dad was nice and quiet.
        Now I have to look at the Pan and see what the problem is. Got to get it ready for October and the Dethtrap's party.

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