Monday, October 10, 2011

Busy weekend...

I put around 400 miles on my truck and bike this weekend. I went up to Fort Bragg chasing parts and came back to Petaluma for some ink done by my friend Johnny and then back up to Santa Rosa to drop off the truck. I unloaded the bike and went back to Petaluma for a grand opening party; free beer, booze and chicks getting tattooed. Closed out the night by riding back to Santa Rosa at 2:30am in the fog. My luck could not have been any better, the primary belt went just as we where pulling up his driveway (at around 3:30) and he happened to have a spare in his shed.  I got up early Sunday morning and changed it out so I could go on the Sonoma co. HA poker run. We decided to split off from the group and headed over to Calistoga for lunch instead.
  Left the camera at home so I stole these pictures from facebook.

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