Monday, November 14, 2011

My laptop's down

   Got a bug on my main venting machine so all I can do for a while is ride, work and play. I'll see you on the web soon but for now it'll have to be on the road. I here Max over at 4Q is thinking of putting on his 69 mile ride this weekend ( weather permitting ). Check his blog for details, Ill be there if it's going on. The only Question is Pan or Shovel?
    For now here are so pictures off of my wife's computer, 2006 Washington city CA camp out.

I had to ride the pit bike, at least once.

Me with my daughter. this was her second trip here.
The first one she was only two weeks old.

the fire wood was stacked around the fire to keep it dry.

Man I liked this scoot, It was the only vehicle I ever bought new.
Now it's in a scrap yard in AZ. Think twice before loaning out your bike. 

This was the only warm sunny day of the trip that year, it rained
like crazy the rest of the time. You just cant tell but if you where there you cant forget.

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