Monday, August 13, 2012

What more could you want?

   The Philo...Flat tires, camping in 108 degree weather, a scenic ride too a mountain lake and lots of great memories.
   Where to begin. We had plans to leave the homestead around noon but there was a snafoo with my friends bike that left us with a hour and a half delay. We hit the road hoping to find some sort of a cool breeze on the  delta road but, we were sorely disappointed. Our first rest stop was in the little town of Lock for a nice ice cold drink and a burger. While our delay planted us in the middle of the afternoon heat it did allow my buddy Pat to get off work and meet up with us along our way. We hit I-80 and blasted east to Newcastle for our last gas stop before the A.H.C. lounge. As I was getting gas I heard the distinct sound of air leaving my back tire. The wife and I limped it down the road another half mile and it happened to go completely flat right in front of a bar, I was well trained. Pat ran up to the party and got a truck. We loaded the old girl up an were off. Turns out that we were only minuets away from the party. The word got out, we found some tire bars, a patch kit and by nightfall I had the tire back on.
    Saturday it was decided that the wife was staying behind while I took the bike on the run to "test out the tire". We rode out 49 to Cool, hit 193 to Georgetown and up Wentworth Springs Rd. to Stumpy Meadows Lake. The whole group was ready for a dip in the lake. Pat and I split just ahead of the group, we went back to Georgetown for some food and refreshments. Our lunch arrived just before the rest of the group showed up, timing is everything.
    By the time we got back to the party the pool was the only thing on my mind and I wasn't the only one thinking that. Hell I even forgot to make myself a drink before I got in, good thing there where people willing to help a guy out. After the sun finally went down dinned was served and the raffle went down.
    Sunday I wanted to get an early start to beat the heat and all so, we loaded up and hit the road by 10. By 10:30 I was sitting on the side of I-80 with a flat waiting for Pat to come rescue me again. Pat took us back to his place in Sacramento where I was able to fix that pesky rear tire right this time. His Girlfriend cooked us brunch and he ran all over town looking for a allen socket for me. The wife and I made it home safe and sound with lots of stories to tell.
    As usual Gabe and Lois out did themselves with the meal and their hospitality. If this was the last Philo I am glad I was able to attend.
flat number one

custom application bike lift

some of the sleeping arrangements 

Old-Stf Mike doing a little midnight cuddling 


flat number two, failed patch


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