Friday, January 18, 2013

Do your civic duty and VOTE

go here and vote for Old S.T.F.'s pan #4. Help a brother out Mike deserves it.

I stole this blurb off his blog:
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"The 64 was submitted to Showclass peoples champ and made it in as the swing arm in the group but now over night it's already getting spanked ha ha. Some of these guys had over 100 votes, web links on blogs and FB "vote me" before Showclass actually posted. I'm not calling conspiracy or crying. I just hoped I wouldn't have to self promote to stay in the game but here it is ! 
You guys vote what you like as it should be."



  1. xo Jessie, I'm afraid we don't have enough friends but we don't need friends ! ha ha

  2. Quality Mike not quantity. you're bike is looking so fuckin cool I cant wait to see it in person.