Sunday, April 22, 2012

The big decisions in life...

     I like to think that I'm a Knuckle guy. The Knucklehead in my opinion is the most aesthetically pleasing motor Harley ever produced. It was the first Harley I ever owned (thanks to my father), my first chopper and the first bike that I built. My Knuck has been a constant and evolving project. In the last 12 years I have only been able to put around a thousand miles on the thing between having kids and all the engine issues (that's what you get when the guys who build your engine stay up way too late every night). I got burnt out on working on it a dozen times but have always came back to it. Once I get motivated to work on it again I hope it will be right finally. This time around I'm leaning towards stock, I seam to have enough choppers hanging around as a matter of fact the Shovel I build for BF3 last year was sitting around collecting dust, I really enjoyed working on it and looking at the finished product but I prefer to roll my 64 hardtail. So when I found this Little Pan and the guy wanted to trade I figured what the fuck. That being said I seem to have surrounded myself in Panheads as of late, so here I sit a Knuck guy in a room of Pan's.

                                   What The Fuck they are really cool and loads of fun...

My wonderful Mother and her Magic touch, molded this photo into a oil painting.
Now if I can just get it to start and run dependably.

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