Saturday, June 2, 2012

What this is all about...

   It's been slow waiting for my new stroker pistons around here. We took the kids camping last weekend, no bike stuff but all good fun.
   This weekend is a whole different story. My buddy Pat called me up to see if I could help out his brother with this 65 he just picked up. I'm always down to help out a friend and these guys are the best, they would bend over backwards to help you out. I wont go into what the main problem was that's Russ's story to tell.... After we got the old girl to run there was a couple of minor tweaks that needed to be made. The apes on it where cut in half and the internal throttle wasn't fast enough on the return for the jocky shift setup. I had some bits on the wall to fix it, Z-bars and a outside throttle. While we had the tanks off it was decided that the 5 gal's had to go and I had a set of 3.5's in metallic grey hanging around. Russ got them on, a little gass and he was ready for the maiden ride. By the time he made it back it was all smiles, cold beer and lots of laughs. You can't beet helping out good people that's what this stuff is all about.

Got it to start so we took it apart to change it up some

It's blurry but it's back together with the new tanks and bars

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