Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Count Down....

    15 days left till I head south for born free 4. I should have every thing buttoned up and broke in but like usual  I still have a bike tore apart on the lift.
    The 59 is still waiting on pistons, I have never had a problem getting parts from our local Ma&Pa bike shop except for these dam pistons. I have called them, gone down there and they assured me it was taken care of but when I called yesterday I got the old I'll order them now and have them in three days.... We'll see.
    My 64 has a exhaust valve that needs to be re-seated in the rear head (my fault for not doing it while I had it apart) but my back is trashed and just on the mend. I'm not going to chance putting it out again before the trip so it'll have to run like it is.
    Procrastination isn't it grand....

Fuckin bikes, you gotta love'em

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