Sunday, June 10, 2012

Back to the beginning

     Back in June of 2000 I moved back to California from Montana. The timing was perfect I wanted to make the Redwood Run (the Redwood run is best described as one of the last old bike runs up in the redwoods of northern California it's been going since 77 or so). I arrived here in my 65 f100 with everything I owned, unpacked the truck and loaded the bike up for the run. For the next five years it seamed like everything revolved around this run,it was the official start to our summer riding, I was set up with my wife one year, proposed to her on another one. The cost had gone through the roof it went from seventy-five bucks to one hundred-thirty plus and we had a couple of kids. My friends started to go up past the main party, just camp, party and ride some of the most beautiful roads Ca has to offer. I just stopped going until this year they finally talked me into going, I'm glad I did. I only went for Friday night but the weather was perfect and the trip home was what I needed. The north coast can be a cold foggy mess but yesterday it was clear and sunny with a good tail wind. It was one of those rare days, the cars pulled over to let us pass when we even saw one it was like we had the road to ourselves. I took a couple of pictures with my new phone and tweaked my back again but it was all worth while.

We found this old bar Dante's Hotel. check out the porch
the rest of the bar was in the same shape

The main camp

My spot up above

can you say FXRKNUCKEVO

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